Terms & Condition

Welcome to Dom’s Fashion,

Following are the terms and conditions that governs the use of Dom’s Fashion’s services.

Clients must abide by these terms and conditions to:

  • Access our website,
  • Use our services,
  • Place their orders,
  • Communicate with us

Please note that we have carefully drafted the set of policies governing our terms of service. Therefore, if a user fails to adhere to them, Dom’s Fashion will disqualify from you from using the service or accessing any of its features.

In addition to this, Dom’s Fashion holds the right to upgrade and modify these terms and conditions at its sole discretion without any responsibility to inform the clients of these changes. Hence, users must continue to visit this section to remain updated with the most recent version of these terms and conditions. Please note that the revised terms of service will govern the use of our website.


Clients can place their order via our website or call. Please note that clients must adhere to these terms of services when placing their order. Hence, clients must not provide any false details when placing their order, including:

  • Contact details
  • Billing information
  • Delivery address

Furthermore, clients cannot cancel their order once Dom’s Fashion has received it. However, Dom’s Fashion has the right to cancel your order at its discretion. Dom’s Fashion can also limit your use of its service for a valid reason.

In addition, Dom’s Fashion ships internationally. Therefore, anyone around the world can access this website and place an order

Finally, clients are not allowed to use our products for resale. If a client is allegedly found to be involved in redistribution of our goods, Dom’s Fashion will not hesitate in reporting your actions.

Changes to Service

Dom’s Fashion may modify the features of this website and service (not limited to) but for the following reasons:

  • Product discontinuation
  • Stock unavailability
  • Production delays
  • Advertising Faults
  • Supply issues

Furthermore, Dom’s Fashion can also change the prices mentioned on the website due to various reasons, including certain developments in the market and cost changes etc. However, Dom’s Fashion is not liable to inform the clients of such changes.

Discounts & Gift Cards

If a client has qualified for a discount on their order, or has acquired a gift card prior to placing their order, Dom’s Fashion will require valid proof of their eligibility and confirmation before receiving their payment. Therefore, cooperation in this matter is mandatory and appreciated.

Please note that Dom’s Fashion will neither reload nor replace the gift cards. Therefore, client must not lose their exclusive gift cards and utilize them before expiration date.

Safety and Access

Dom’s Fashion endeavors to ensure that your experience on this website faces no interruptions. However, digital glitches are an inevitable phenomenon, Therefore, malfunctions and other technical issues might hinder the uninterrupted use of this website.

Please note that, in such a case of website delays and downtime, Dom’s Fashion cannot be held accountable.

Furthermore, Dom’s Fashion highly values your privacy. However, online communications are exposed to interceptions. Therefore, Dom’s cannot promise its precautionary measures will always prove effective in ensuring the confidentiality of clients’ online communication. Altogether, Dom’s Fashion is neither liable for the security of your data over online networks nor controls the services and technologies associated with the use of this website.

Therefore, clients must this website at their own risk. Dom’s Fashion holds no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss of your data via online platforms.


The material available on this website belongs solely to Dom’s Fashion. However, Dom’s Fashion neither guarantees it to be complete, nor free of errors. Consequently, the content on this website can be subjected to modifications.

Furthermore, Dom’s Fashion does not take responsibility for the defects and fault that may occur in the provision of our service and on this website in general. For example, of our website is not compatible with the resolution of software of your screen, some features may be inaccessible or inaccurately appear. In such a case, the color of our product might be misleading. Hence, clients must always confirm the details of their order before placing it to ensure the right product is delivered and these online shortcomings do not hinder your shopping experience.

Warranties and Liability

Dom’s Fashion cannot allow clients to tarnish its reputation or hold any of its members, including representatives, officials, directors, managers, employees etc. accountable for their personal losses. Any financial, professional, and personal harm to clients in any direct or indirect association with our website and service will not allow Dom’s Fashion to tale liability.

Third Party Sites and Links

Dom’s Fashion has included third-party links on its website for social media management, communication with clients, and other purposes. However, Dom’s Fashion is in absolutely no way associated with these third party platforms. The third party sites have their separate terms and conditions governing the use of their service. Hence, clients must go through their set of policies to develop a better understanding of these online platforms will collect and process your information.

Dom’s Fashion neither endorses nor recommends any of these third party sites. Therefore, clients must access these sites at their own discretion. Any provision of services, and other content of these third party sites in not linked with Dom’s Fashion.


The content available on this website belongs solely to Dom’s Fashion. Therefore, the Australian copyright laws protect the original content and services of Dom’s Fashion.

Hence, clients may use the contents of this website for personal study and research. However, Dom’s Fashion strictly prohibits users from modifying the contents of this website and editing, republishing, and reproducing it in any way.

If a client proceeds to reproduce any content of the website, including images, logos, video, etc. or exploit the trademarks and intellectual property in any way without the permission of Dom’s Fashion, there will be (legislative) consequences.

User Content

If clients mention Dom’s Fashion on their social media accounts or any other online platform, and the post is available for the public, Dom’s Fashion can repost such a piece of content or image on its website or social media platform in the form of clients testimonial or Dom’s Fashion’s integrity.


The users of Dom’s Fashion must not attempt to:

  • Conceal their identity nor impersonate any other individual/entity
  • Make false claims based on dishonesty
  • Promote any form of discriminatory activity and obscenity on this website
  • Infringe on the polices of Dom’s Fashion
  • Use our service for commercial, marketing, and reselling purposes
  • Share or promote any inappropriate material

Please note that if users fail to comply with these terms and condition, Dom’s Fashion will not only disqualify them from accessing this website, and placing their order, but also take strict action if any harm is made to company’s reputation or services.


If Dom’s Fashion has to bear any financial loss, or unnecessary ramifications resulting from client’s breach of these terms and conditions, and use of this website, and any other form of association with Dom’s Fashion, users are liable to defend Dom’s Fashion (even in the court of law and bear the lawyers fee if it comes to that) and reimburse Dom’s Fashion in terms of penalties and fines and in other proceedings equally.


If any aspect of these terms and condition is found to be unlawful and unenforceable, then Dom’s Fashion will update it in accordance with the law. However, please note that such an occurrence will not influence the authority of the rest of the terms and conditions or render them void.


Dom’s Fashion can cancel your service or terminate your access to this website at its own discretion. However, the violation of the terms and conditions of Dom’s Fashion is usually the prime reason behind such a course of action.

However, cancellation of service does not in any way imply that clients are no longer liable to clear their dues. Hence, if users are expected to pay any amount to Dom’s Fashion and their service is terminated, the amount will still remain payable.

Final Verdict

Clients hereby understand and accept every aspect of these terms and conditions. Your acknowledgment shall allow you to access this website and use the services of Dom’s Fashion.

This is the final version of terms and conditions.


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